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At Krish Exports India, we give complete attention to detail at every stage of production, logistics, supply and final delivery. Hence, quality always remains a top priority for us. We believe that every item manufactured, has to reflect a distinct superiority that builds a brand image for the products.


Krish Exports is progressing ahead with a clear vision with the 3 essentials encompassing

  • Quality Control
  • Quality Assurance
  • Quality Optimization

It is this streamlined approach of the promoters & the company that has enabled us to carve a niche for ourselves amongst our esteemed consumers today.

Quality Control requirements are monitored and followed through all major the operations. Our experts ensure that only the finest products are delivered to the clients through every consignment. Our primary aim is to be engaged in an optimum quality solution, where our customers´ requirements are approached with great detail and dynamism. It is the sheer persistence to provide perfection that fulfils each of our endeavours with far sighted commitment.

At our manufacturing plants, Quality laboratories are set up for each area of production where stringent Quality Assurance checks are undertaken. There are four major QC Check Points that are laid out as follows:

Raw Material Acquiring: All raw materials are inspected against standard specifications before use. Aesthetics Check: To assure finish, accurate color & designs of the products. Product Performance: Testing of its performance against standard claims. Reliability Test: This is the final test done to assure long life, durability and sustainability of the product and its functionality.

State of the Art Quality Laboratories ensures Quality Optimization. All products go through rigorous testing for quality before they are introduced. Moreover, the quality of each product is also reviewed periodically to ensure its consistency in performance, so that the brand lives up to customer expectations.


We have our own Quality Control Team whose job is to inspect and check every shipment before dispatch and loading. Every shipment is well inspected by our QC team and we provide a report & photographs for every shipment to our customers for the same. Also we allow 3rd Party Inspection and same can be co-operated and helped by our QC Team. Our QC Team ensures that the entire customer´s requirement is meet regarding quality, labelling, branding and packing.


It has been over 3 generations of service. In this journey to excel and offer the best to our esteemed clients we have been overwhelming appreciated for our efforts by both, our esteemed customers and the government.


Year 2006-07 - Star Performer

Year 2007-08 - Star Performer

Year 2008-09 - Star Performer

Year 2009-10 - Star Performer

Year 2010-11 - Star Performer

Year 2011-12 - Star Performer

Year 2012-13 - Star Performer

Year 2013-14 - Star Performer


Customer Satisfaction is key to our business, in order to maintain the satisfaction level and keep ourselves updated with latest trends and business practices we need to shape activities around the fulfilment of customer. ISO 9001:2008 certificationshave been in place for over a decade now and are used by both customers and companies as a method of controlling their quality.The Standard provides a framework to manage our business and ensure a philosophy of continual improvement in all aspects of your business.It is externally assessed on an ongoing basis to ensure these business practices are maintained. So keeping this in mind, we are proud to be an ISO9001:2008 Certified Company.

Apart we also have been rated & analysed by CRISIL as SME 1 who conducts the rating process. They collectedall important documents, visited our office & manufacturing facilities. Following this, a team of CRISIL analysts from Crisil Head Office conducted management discussion over a conference call for understanding the business and discussing the history, current performance and the growth strategies of our business. Post management discussion, Crisil analysts prepared a report and have assigned us as SME1.

We also provide mandatory test reports required by many of customs & health department in various countries. We are well associated with top testing companies and provide customer with all needed testing reports and mandatory inspections.