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  • Oval Tong
    Ref.No.: PID-10-5001
    Size: A. Plain B. Plain New C. Top Slot D. One Side Slot E. Both Side Slot
  • Pick n Serve
    Ref.No.: PID-10-5002
    Size: A. Small B. Deluxe C. PnS Big D. Serving Tong Big
  • Salad & Spaghetti Tongs
    Ref.No.: PID-10-5003
    Size: A. Salad Style 1 B. Salad Style 2 C. Salad Style 3 D. Spaghetti - Big E. Spaghetti - Small F. Spaghetti - Style 2
  • Chef Tongs
    Ref.No.: PID-10-5004
    Size: A. Asparagus Tong B. Cake Tong C. Pizza Tong D. Big Cake Tong E. Chef Special
  • Barbeque Tools
    Ref.No.: PID-10-5005
    Size: A. Barbeque Tong B. Kabab Tray C. Serving Tong D. Lobster Fork E. Scewers
  • Catering Tong
    Ref.No.: PID-10-5006
    Size: A. All Purpose Tong B. Tea Bag Squeezer C. Sleek Tong D. Slotted Cake Tong - Big E. Pastry Tong - Slotted
  • Utility Tongs
    Ref.No.: PID-10-5007
    Size: A. Utility Tong B. Big Wonder Tong C. Small Scallop Tong D. Big Scallop Tong E. Small Wonder Tong
  • Sugar Tongs
    Ref.No.: PID-10-5008
    Size: A. Sugar Cube - Large B. Plain Tong C. Sugar Cube - Medium D. Perfect Small E. Sugar Cube - Small
  • Serving Tongs
    Ref.No.: PID-10-5009
    Size: A. Teeth Tong B. Serving Tong - Solid C. Royal Salad Tong - Teeth D. Royal Salad Tong - Plain E. Puir Picker F. Pointed Ice Tong
  • Serving Tongs
    Ref.No.: PID-10-5010
    Size: A. Serving Tongs with Wide Slots B. Serving tong with 3 Slots
  • Sandwich Tongs
    Ref.No.: PID-10-5011
    Size: A. Sandwich Tong B. Slide n Serve C. Cut n Serve D. Plain Pastry Tong E. Spring Tong F. Nut Cracker
  • Kidney Tong
    Ref.No.: PID-10-5012
    Size: A. Kidney Tong B. Square Tong - Plain C. Square Tong with Teeths.
  • Roasting Tongs
    Ref.No.: PID-10-5013
    Size: A. Multi B. Oval C. Perfect D. Joint Roasting Tong E. Plain Roasting Tong
  • Ice Tongs - 1
    Ref.No.: PID-10-5014
    Size: A. Regular B. Royal C. Deluxe D. Special
  • Ice Tongs -2
    Ref.No.: PID-10-5015
    Size: A. Spring B. Snow C. Crawler D. Crow Leg
  • Ice Tongs -3
    Ref.No.: PID-10-5016
    Size: A. Big B. Small C. Ordinary Sugar D. Economic Ice Tong E. Super Saver
  • Scissor Tong - 1
    Ref.No.: PID-10-5017
    Size: A. 14 Gauge
  • Scissor Tong - 2
    Ref.No.: PID-10-5018
    Size: A. Plastic Handle B. Big Scissor C. 16 Gauge D. Wire Tong - Small E. Big Scissor F. 12 Gauge - Cup Rolled
  • Ice Tongs -4
    Ref.No.: PID-10-5019
    Size: A. Deluxe 2 B. Teethy C. Round End D. Pick-Up E. Deluxe 3 F. Pom Tong